Fire Solutions

Fire Solutions such as JUMBO Fire Resistant Drywall Systems are designed for use in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated applications. Speedily erected, JUMBO FireWALLS are suitable for every type of new construction – commercial, residential, industrial, education, healthcare, and retail. They provide smooth, durable, non-combustible walls that are lightweight and low in cost.

The South African Fire Tests are conducted according to the SANS 10177-2 protocol, fire testing of materials, components and elements used in building part 2.

Our JUMBO FireWALL’s have been tested in Firelab’s large-scale air aspirated diesel furnace. The furnace temperature is controlled to follow the ISO standard time-temperature curve as stipulated in SANS 10177-2.

The Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of the system is determined based on the following criteria:-

Stability – The temperature of the primary stud and deflection are measured to assess stability

Integrity – The system needs to have resisted the penetration of flames, and have no opening visible larger than 6mm wide or 150mm long

Insulation – measures the temperature over the whole of the exposed surface, which needs to be within the specified test standards

Read more about Pelican Fire Solutions and our testing protocols.



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