Building System Solutions

We research, develop, test and refine our products to provide you with high performance, sustainable and easy-to install system solutions tailored to your needs – whether that includes coping with moisture, sound, fire, impact or more unusual requirements.

Fire Solutions

Fire Solutions such as JUMBO Fire Resistant Drywall Systems are designed for use in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated applications. Speedily erected, JUMBO FireWALLS are suitable for every type of new construction – commercial, residential, industrial, education, healthcare, and retail. They provide smooth, durable, non-combustible walls that are lightweight and low in cost.

The South African Fire Tests are conducted according to the SANS 10177-2 protocol, fire testing of materials, components and elements used in building part 2.

Our JUMBO FireWALL’s have been tested in Firelab’s large-scale air aspirated diesel furnace. The furnace temperature is controlled to follow the ISO standard time-temperature curve as stipulated in SANS 10177-2.

The Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of the system is determined based on the following criteria:-

Stability – The temperature of the primary stud and deflection are measured to assess stability

Integrity – The system needs to have resisted the penetration of flames, and have no opening visible larger than 6mm wide or 150mm long

Insulation – measures the temperature over the whole of the exposed surface, which needs to be within the specified test standards

Read more about Pelican Fire Solutions and our testing protocols.

Acoustic Solutions

Our range of Knauf AMF Ceiling Systems and JUMBO Drywall partition systems are designed to meet the acoustic conditions required while being robust and easy and fast to install, using the minimum number of components. Our acoustic solutions have the design and performance flexibility to accommodate these differing requirements without compromise on installation or layout efficiency.

Moisture Solutions

JUMBO Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is manufactured to high standards that meet or exceed the requirements for water resistant gypsum plasterboard within SANS 266:2003. Special additives are added to the aerated gypsum core which is bonded to durable impregnated green paper liners. JUMBO Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is water resistant, however they are not waterproof. Direct contact with water over time must be avoided and if plasterboard has been water damaged, replace it.

Hygiene Solutions

When you’re creating interiors for the medical and healthcare sectors, exceptional hygiene standards are a definite prerequisite. You will no doubt be looking to install a suspended ceiling system that offers anti-bacterial performance and the ability to be cleaned regularly. At Pelican Systems we have hygienic ceiling tiles, specifically designed for the healthcare sector – featuring anti-microbial treatments, anti- fungal qualities and humidity resistance.

Impact Solutions

Areas subject to wear and tear need special consideration to reduce damage and maintenance costs. Impact Resistant Plasterboard makes it ideal for all areas of high pedestrian traffic in all building types, and it should be used wherever there is a risk of impact damage. These risk areas include corridors, foyers and stair shafts in commercial buildings, shopping centers, cinemas, offices, sports stadiums, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

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