Distribution is a key part of our service offering. With a product that is both bulky and heavy, transport costs are a significant expense of getting the products to the market, site, or store. From our more than 40 years in the industry, we would like to highlight the following with regards to distribution.



07h00 to 16h3008h00 to 12h00
(excluding public holidays)

If you need to collect goods after hours, please contact one of our team with your request and we will see how we can make arrangements to assist you.


Please ensure that an accurate delivery address has been given to our sales staff and that there is a contact name and number for a person who will be on site to receive the goods.

Site Conditions and
Access Points

  • The delivery site needs to have adequate access and the route to and from the points of delivery on site need to be suitable and safe for use (If this is not the case it is essential that the site and access conditions are communicated to one of our team for alternative planning)
  • The company will assist with the offloading of the vehicle to the nearest accessible point that is safe and without obstruction. Our off-loading assistance does not include carrying material up staircases, into elevators or basements or packing products into storage racks or shelves.

Timing of Deliveries and
Pre-booking Loads

  • Time of delivery and availability are subject to stock and vehicle availability, and will be communicated to the customer prior to the delivery taking place.
  • Please specify requirements clearly on ordering and we will do our best to get your order delivered according to your requirements.
  • Pre-planning is appreciated and 48 hour notice will assist in ensuring that you receive the material required on time for local deliveries.
  • For long distance deliveries we recommend pre-booking vehicles one week in advance.


  • Delivery shall be deemed to have been successful upon signature of the delivery note by the customer, its employee or agent.
  • In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order being delivered please report this to an internal sales consultant.
  • The details of the discrepancy need to be recorded on the delivery/dispatch note.
  • Please request the Driver to endorse/validate the notes recorded by signing and writing their name on the document.
  • Return the endorsed copy with the driver and retain a copy for your records.
  • We will rectify the problem as soon as possible, making this a priority delivery.


  • In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with our products due to incorrect deliveries or damages please report this to the Internal Sales Consultant within 72 (seventy two) hours of delivery.
  • The claims procedure will be followed to determine the root cause and a credit will be processed accordingly if applicable.
  • Return of stock and standard items will only be accepted by prior arrangement
  • A handling charge of 10% of the original invoice value will be levied in order to cover transport, admin and handling harges, unless otherwise agreed to by an authorized representative from the Company.
  • A credit will be passed on products in saleable condition.
  • Made to order items may not be returned for credit or cancelled