Ceiling and Partition Systems

A full range of building products for commercial and residential interiors.

Pelican Systems aim is to provide a comprehensive range of ceiling and partition systems and products designed for the ceiling and partitioning specialist contractor. We have a variety of ceiling systems and partition systems for fitting out your building interiors to meet the needs of each building or client requirements. If your business is ceilings and partitions, then we aim to have the products and systems you need.

In our Ceiling Systems range we offer systems for suspended and flush plastered ceilings as well as PVC Ceilings. For suspended ceiling systems we stock a number of grid systems, Knauf AMF Acoustic Ceilings, Gypsum and Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic ceiling tiles and all of the accessories needed for suspension and fixing. Our range for flush plastered ceilings includes suspension grid and steel brandering, 7mm, 9mm and 12mm JUMBO Plasterboards and a variety of trim profiles to facilitate various shadowline ceiling effects. We stock a number of cornice profiles including Orac Decor, a Belgian Range of decorative mouldings. Insulation and Jointing and Skimming Plasters complete the range of our products which are branded JUMBO. PVC Ceilings are popular for affordable housing projects.

For Partitioning Systems we offer a range of drywalls, and have aluminium profiles for both 76mm and 89mm Drywalls. Prefabricated aluminium is available with cut and mitred Doorframe and Glazing profiles to facilitate a fast and accurate installation. We have steel profiles to facilitate a variety of thicknesses and heights. Specialist Fire, Acoustic, Moisture, Impact and Security drywall systems are available. JUMBO SoundTherm is added to the drywall cavity to provide acoustics and thermal benefits. Toilet Partitions are available in either a T1 or T2 system.

Under Opening Systems we carry a range of Timber Doors, Aluminium Doors suitable for partitions and Fire Doors designed to suit our Drywall Systems. We carry a selection of door hardware, accessories and tools to assist with installation and fitting. We also prefabricate our doors into a kit form, so that less work is required on site and doors are cut to size, checked out and morticed for the locks.

Flooring Systems include a number of Access Flooring Systems suitable for data centres and server rooms.

For more information on our service and product offering, take a look at the projects we have been involved in.

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