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The suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling as it is more commonly known internationally was originally developed for aesthetic reasons to conceal the underside of the main structural slab. Hung from the slab using hanger strap or hanger wire the suspended ceiling became the secondary ceiling.

A metal grid system is commonly used to create the suspended ceiling. They are manufactured from steel and have a white chromadek face so that the ceiling tee blends in with the ceiling tile. Our brands are econogrid (including fire safety punch outs) and econolok (a locally manufactured grid with an all in one clip which some contractors prefer)

Accoustic Suspended Ceilings

A classic Suspended Ceiling at Westway Offices


The suspended ceiling created opportunities to improve acoustics, light reflectance and help control temperature all through careful selection of the ceiling tiles used.

The acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has improved dramatically over the years, with high performance mineral fibre ceiling tiles offering enhanced sound absorption and attenuation.

When acoustics are an important design criteria it is well worth doing careful research and spending the extra investment to get the right combination of sound absorption, sound retention and light reflection. Our acoustic ceiling tile offering includes AMF Performance Ceilings and our own brands econocoust and econocoust plus.

AMF Acoustic Ceilings

AMF Acoustic Ceilings at Virgin Active Cascades


Econotherm is an insulated calcium silicate ceiling tile and this is an ideal option when thermal & moisture resistance demands are key. JUMBO Insulation can be added to further improve and control the temperature ensuring the comfort of the working or living space below the ceiling.

Where moisture may be a concern for example in bathrooms, gym locker rooms, kitchens and the like, econocal is a calcium silicate tile that resists moisture without degradation.

Calcium Silicate Suspended Ceilings

Econocal Calcium Silicate Tiles at Virgin Active Ballito


Our gypsum econotile will provide a cost effective solution and includes a foil backing and taped edges encapsulating the tile and improving its thermal and moisture resistance.

Suspended Ceilings also offer easy access to the functional elements it conceals including air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler services. This can be a major advantage if there are any problems or routine maintenance is required. The ceiling tiles and other parts of a drop ceiling are easily removed to allow access to the area above the grid to do any necessary wiring or plumbing modifications. In the event of remodelling, nearly all components of the grid can be dismantled and reassembled somewhere else.

Light fixtures, HVAC air grilles, and other fixtures are available which can fit the same space as a tile, most commonly 600×600 or 1200×600. Most tile material is easily cut to allow fixtures in other shapes, such as incandescent lights, speakers, and fire sprinkler heads.

Current trends include tiles with high green values, improved fire performance, exceptional acoustics and tiles that perform well in highly sensitive hygienic environments e.g. operating theatres.

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gravatar johannes

I m happy and impresed by your. Brand of ceilng especialy econocoust plus and I have recomended it to the client and he is happy can u pleas send me the price of econocust plus uniTs 2335,S3 but cut T24 suspention system,galvinsed main tees T38-1200 white and cross tees perimeter L-Trim +pelican sysTems1200x600x9mm thick white vinyl clad foil tiles and painted38xmm exposed steel tee suspention system &hangeR grids &hold down clips pleas.

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Johannes
Thank you for your enquiry which I have emailed to Martin Truter our Sales Manager. One of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.
Regards Denise

gravatar Ofentse Thebe

Hello. Im from a small company in the North West and have been tasked with installing a 475 m2 dropped ceiling. There are no suppliers in/around my area. Can you tell me exactly what I need and how much it would cost. Please calculate material, installation and delivery to Taung, North West, separately
Thank you

gravatar Tanya Monteiro

Thank you for getting in touch Ofenstse. I will forward your message on to our team. In the meantime please could you send me your contact details, phone, and email? We can get in touch with you and tell you more about our products and Company.

gravatar Tanya Monteiro

Hi again Ofenstse,

There are a few options we can offer, it would be great to have the correct spec before we price.

1200 x 600 / 600 x 600mm Tiles?
What Tile will you need, Vinyl or Acoustic? (Offer advice)
Concrete / Purlins / Trusses with the drop?
Wall angle / Shadow line and the length required?

Please send us your cell number or email and we can communicate faster to find you the right solutions.
Thank you

gravatar Steven Rimmington

Hey guy a big hello from myself and the team here at suspended ceilings QLD in Brisbane, Australia. Very interesting information up there. We mainly use AMF and USG products here. I’d be very interested to learn more about econotherm as we don’t really have many thermal solutions over here when it comes to just tiles alone. I be sure to visit again! oh and your most welcome to come to visit my site at and talk ceilings with us. Take care and talk soon.

gravatar Denise Gould

Thank you for your engagement Steven. You seem to have an excellent reputation for quality work in QLD, Australia. Regards from the Pelican Team


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