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Image from Virgin Active Ballito of Ceiling Rafts

Restaurant Sound Solutions

Modernist and minimalist décor trends which call for industrial type exposed ceilings and hard bare surfaces increase the level of noise in restaurants as the sound reverberates and reflects as opposed to being absorbed. If there are limited acoustic products or sound absorbing finishes used, the harshness of the sound reverberating around the room can…

By Denise Gould | Posted January 30, 2017
Tagged with AMF, Acoustic

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Logos for Almex and Amalgamated

Almex and Amalgamated

Almex was started by Hein and Theresa Johnson in East London in 2006. Initially Almex was established as an aluminium supplier but the business quickly evolved to include ceiling and drywall products due to the demand in the area.   Almex introduced Pelican Systems brands into the East London market for the first time in…

By Denise Gould | Posted January 25, 2017

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