Residential Ceiling Renovation

I purchased a new home towards the end of last year and was renovating the bathrooms, replacing carpets and painting, when I decided that I may as well replace the ceiling while I was at it.

The ceilings were the traditional flush plastered ceiling with a decorative cornice, and as with most cornice installations (unless skilfully installed), there were visible cracks on the joins..

Flush Plastered Residential Ceiling with cornice showing unsightly joins

I contacted a contractor, in this case Ethekweni Interiors. They came through, asked a few questions, took measurements using a laser and gave me a list of materials to purchase.

Normally the ceiling contractor would give you a supply and install price.

Products used included 9mm JUMBO Plasterboard, PS3 Shadowline Trim, Steel Brandering, JUMBO Skimming Plaster, JUMBO Insulation and Flushline Access Panels.

Ethekweni Interiors had 6 installers on stilts and they stripped the ceiling and replaced it within two days using the final day to complete the skimming.

Man On Stilts Doing A Residential Ceiling InstallationIn comparison to renovating the bathrooms, it was relatively easy, took a lot less time and effort and was a fraction of the cost.

It was however exceptionally messy stripping out the old ceiling, and I would recommend protecting your cupboards and anything else that could get damaged.

I now have a brand new floating ceiling in all of the rooms upstairs which has created a much more modern and sophisticated look and feel.

It was a great exercise to understand the time vs cost vs reward and I would say without a doubt that I would definitely recommend replacing a ceiling if you are planning any home renovation, especially if you have an empty house to work with.Residential Ceilings Showing Shadowline TrimsHere’s a video explaining the renovation and products used in more detail…

For a list of materials used download this file:-                                                                            Ceiling renovation – List of Materials

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