PVC Ceilings Are Here To Stay

PVC Ceilings Installed

PVC Ceiling Solutions and accessories are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Resins and Auxiliary Materials.

This gives rise to a number of the advantages and unique features that make PVC Ceilings appealing and more suitable for certain market sectors.

PVC Ceilings are Anti-Fungal


PVC Ceilings are anti-fungal and nothing will grow on the ceiling. Tests have been conducted on blood left on panels and there has been no bacterial or fungal growth. This makes PVC Ceilings safe for installations in hospitals and clinics.

PVC Ceilings are Termite Proof



The ceilings are also termite proof as PVC is not soluble and once ingested termites will die.


Corrosion Free Icon


There are no metal, irons, or corrosive materials in the PVC panels, so water will not cause corrosion, and the ceiling will be completely corrosion resistant.


PVC Ceilings Waterproof Icon


Water will not damage the product and will easily run off. PVC Ceilings do not expand, contract or warp when exposed to moisture. A burst geyser or something of that nature may cause damage to a few panels where the weight of the water collapses the ceiling, but the entire ceiling will not be damaged and just the damaged section can be replaced.


An ideal product for moist, wet areas such as washrooms and kitchens especially as it is easy to clean as well. The ceiling can be wiped down with a moist cloth and this will remove any dirt or greasy build up.

PVC Ceilings are durable and long lasting. PVC Ceilings are not suitable in areas where there is direct sunlight.

Once installed ceilings are maintenance free requiring no painting, cleaning off of mildew or repairing of any chips or cracks.

PVC is lightweight and one person can carry approximately 9m2 of the product compared to Fibre Cement Boards where three people would be needed to carry 3.6m2 of board.

Breakages are also reduced and estimated to be up to 75% less breakages when compared to Gypsum and Fibre Cement board products.

Fire Retardant Icon


PVC Ceilings are Fire Retardant which means that they cannot burn. With a direct flame of 60 degrees Celsius, the PVC will melt, but will not make any flames. The ceiling will melt and fall out of the ceiling.



The R-Value for PVC Ceilings is 0.112 m2 K/W. This is the contribution towards the thermal conductivity and insulation of the overall roof structure and means that the R-Value required from the insulation can be reduced.

PVC Ceilings are easy to install and will take approximately a third of the time to install when compared to a suspended ceiling. In a study done, a 16m2 Gypsum Fixed ceiling with brandering and bishops strip took 8 hours to install prior to painting. The equivalent m2 PVC Ceiling took only 2 hours 30 minutes to install.

With all of these features and benefits, it is easy to understand why PVC Ceilings are gaining in popularity and meet the needs of many ceiling installation requirements.

Take a look at our PVC Ceiling Solutions and experience the amazing features and benefits they offer.


gravatar Rudi Bisschoff

Please email me a quote for Pvc bishop strips. Length and inside thickness.
Looking now for 28 m by 3mm id.

gravatar Denise Gould

PVC Ceilings are Fire Retardant which means that they cannot burn. With a direct flame of 60 degrees Celsius, the PVC will melt, but will not make any flames.
You would need to assess the heat generated by the Fire Place, whether it is insulated and if any part of the fire place is in direct contact with the PVC Ceiling.
The ceiling would not burn, but could melt if direct high heat.
If you would like to send more specific details regarding the room, ceiling heights, and fireplace materials to info@pelican, we can give you a more specific answer to your question.

gravatar Jurie Neethling

How does the PVC compared to Gypsum ceiling in price per square meter please? Material only please.

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Jurie, as a rough guide for August 2017 use the following:-
• PVC Ceiling – R73.00/m² – finished product
• 7mm JUMBO Ceiling – R50.00/m² – includes H-Strip – will need to be painted
• 9mm JUMBO Ceiling – R60.00/m² – includes, board, tape & plaster – will need to be painted
** more labour + time needed for a gypsum ceiling

gravatar Denise Gould

For 8mm x 30mm x 3900mm Crystal White R93.51 per Length.
10 per carton
We have branches in Durban, PMB, Northriding and Centurion plus Distributors in Western Cape and Eastern Cape.
See contact page of our website for more details

gravatar Elsie de Lange

My pvc ceilings were installed a year ago.
The ones on the stoep , front door entrance (no sunlight or water) turned pink. The passage and corridor turned brown. What is the cause? The contractor did put his people on to wash where they messed with silicone in the passage but I’m unsure why the stoep turned pink as I don’t think that it was washed there


gravatar Denise Gould

We have seen this type of discolouration on a 6mm PVC Board Gloss White. There is a glue that is used to laminate the plastic and this “could” lead to discolouration. It is unusual to dicscolour to such an extent, pink and brown.
Please ask your installer/contractor to inspect and also to explain the product specification. Does the product have UV stabalisers? Once discoloured though replacement will be necessary.
We are supplying an 8mm PVC Panel which has Titinium additives which helps with colour integrity.

gravatar Clint Richardson

I have recurring mold on a PVC ceiling. There must be a layer of dirt the mold is feeding on. What is the best solution for cleaning the ceiling?

gravatar Tanya Monteiro

Hello Clint, I have forwarded your message on to the best person to help and will get back to you asap. regards, Tanya

gravatar Tanya Monteiro

Hi Clint, try this,
Mix 1/2 cup dish soap and 10ml of bleach in a bucket until foamy.
Pour the mixture onto a cloth or sponge.
Wash the PVC using the wet cloth or sponge.
Wipe the PVC dry with a white cloth or paper towel.
You may want to look inside your ceiling (to the area where the mould is) and make sure there is not something laying on the PVC Ceiling that is causing this mould, like a dead rodent etc.
** repeat steps 1-5 on a regular basis to keep your ceiling looking like new.
Let us know how you go,
Best regards

gravatar Kate Brownell

This is an excellent blog you have shared. As pvc panels are cheaper than any other building material, I want to install it at my home, bathroom and also in garage. While searching for online tips I came to know about some disadvantages of it. When it burns it release toxic gas. But why should I think of burning now. I can extra care for that. PVC panel are water resistant, easy to clean and PVC panel installation is so easy.

gravatar Michelle

I had to change the light in my kitchen and now I have a yellow stain on the ceiling. Will I be able to paint it or do I need to change the panels. If possible I would like to paint it, because changing the panels would mean that my cornices might get damaged

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Michelle
You can paint the PVC Ceiling with a water base paint and apply 2 coats or more.
Do not use oil based paint. Please check with your local paint supplier that the paint is suitable for PVC surfaces.
There is no need to replace the ceiling.
Regards Denise

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Joyce
Yes PVC Ceilings are a finished product, so you don’t install boards underneath them, and you do not need to paint either.
Let me know if we can help further.
Regards Denise

gravatar Varonique

Good day
I bought the pvc ceiling but my question is, can we install this type of ceiling with a jetmaster? If not we have to then return the pvc ceiling for the normal ceiling.

Hope to hear from you soon.

gravatar Denise Gould

The PVC Ceiling will be fine if installed in the same area as the JETMASTER as long as the installations are kept separate.
Do not use the PVC Ceiling panels to clad or isolate the JETMASTER in any areas.

The PVC Ceilings will not burn with a direct flame of 60 degrees Celsius, the PVC will melt but will not make any flames.
Fire Retardant (Classification of B/B1/B2 SANS 428) R-Value of the 7mm PVC Panels is 0,112 (M2.K/W)

The PVC Ceiling are suited for all areas including Verandas, front rooms, entertainment areas etc.. but cannot be exposed to direct sunlight as there are no UV stabilizers in this product.

I do hope you will find this info helpful to your new installations.

gravatar Denise Gould

You can fix a PVC ceiling over an existing flush plaster ceiling, but we do not recommend this.
The advantage is that you can increase the R Value of the ceiling, but the risk is that if there was a leak for this could be hidden for a longer period and cause more damage.
The PVC ceiling will also take the form of the old ceiling and might create shadows or an uneven look.
The maximum 500mm intervals is crucial for the fixings and should be confirmed before installing.

We would recommend removing the old ceiling and installing your grid level with recommended fixing spaces and then installing the PVC Ceiling. This will give you a better overall result.

gravatar Denise Gould

Both of the items have an R – Value (Thermal Resistance), Isoboard better by 0.93
– PVC 7mm Ceiling Panel R-value: 0.112(m2.K)/W
– Isoboard 25mm Ceiling Panel R – Value: 1.042(m2.K)/W

gravatar Pieter Enslin

Is it neccesary to install additional insulation to require correct R Values?
This question relates to a project in St Helena Bay Western Cape.

gravatar Denise Gould

The R- Value can be increased by adding a suitable Insulation to your ceiling:
– JUMBO Insulation 100mm @ 10.1 kg/m3 with an R-Value of 2.20m2 K/W
– JUMBO Insulation 135mm @ 10.1kg/m3 with an R-Value of 2.70m2 K/W
Overall the R-Value for the roof and ceiling needs to achieve the required legislated R-Values.
If the R-Values have not been met, then Insulation will help to increase the R-Value.
Hope this helps…regards Denise

gravatar Nurse Lebelo

My house is roofed with corrugated iron sheets and it’s flat roof meaning the sheets will be closer to the pvc ceiling. My worry is that the heat from the sheets will damage the as time goes by.

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Nurse Lebelo
Too much heat on any ceiling is not a good thing, for the product or the room below the ceiling.
We would recommend you install 100mm JUMBO Insulation on top of the ceiling which would reduce the amount of heat in the room and it would also reduce the amount of heat loss during the colder months.
Regards Denise

gravatar Denise Gould

I will ask one of our sales staff to email you as they will need to understand the detail of your installation.

gravatar kubashnie

Hi I like prices on your pvc celings
And can u email me pictures of different patterns
Do u sell to the public

gravatar Denise Gould

Good morning Kubashnie
One of our sales consulatants will be in touch with you and send the two patterns we currently have, as well as pricing.
We do sell to the public.(trevor@pelican.co.za)
Regards Denise

gravatar Denise Gould

At the moment the plant where we procure our PVC is not operating as the technician has not been able to get back to South Africa. We are expecting to have product in 2021 and thereafter testing will be done.
The PVC Ceilings Fire Test will be tested according to the SANS 428 with a Class B/B1/B2 (The Ceiling will not burn with a direct flame of 60 degrees Celsius, the PVC will melt but not make any flames).

gravatar Michelle

I have just had a pvc ceiling fitted in a room that gets very hot. It is north facing with lots of glass. I’ve read that it should not be installed where there is direct sunlight. I think I have a problem as the sun really hits this room. Can I install ceiling boards over the top of the pvc?

gravatar Denise Gould

One should not expose PVC ceilings to direct sunlight unless they have UV resistant properties. (Most do not) A hot room will not affect the ceiling but if the sunlight entering the room through the windows is reflecting off a glass table or any shiny surface and landing on the ceiling it will change the colour of the ceiling over time (unless it is UV resistant).

You can install a gypsum ceiling over the PVC ceiling as long as the suspension brandering/battons are not more the 400mm apart.
Please let us know if we can help further.

gravatar Ruqayya

Hi, installed PVC ceilings in my home, not even a year and the panels are loose, sagging.
Please help, is there any way to fix it without redoing of removing all panels. Thanks

gravatar Denise Gould

Hi Ruqayya, unfortunately the only way to correct this problem it to uninstall the PVC panels. They are sagging because either there are not enough batons in the ceiling (they should be spaced at 500mm centres max) or there are not enough screws in place (max 200mm centres). The great thing about the product is the fact that it can be uninstalled and reinstalled with very little damage to the product. Start at one end and undoing the screws and work across the room. Good Luck.

gravatar valentia

One of our pvc ceiling panel is damange and it’s in the middle, so I want to ask whether is it possible to fix this one panel without removing all the other panels?

gravatar Denise Gould

The centre panel can be replaced without removing all the panels.
Before you start with the installation please ensure that you have the same colour and size for the replacement panels.

The damaged panel can be cut with a sharp Stanley Blade to give you access to the screws, you will also need to remove the panel before and after the damaged panel. This will allow you enough space to fit the new panel.
The screws will be spaced about 500mm apart.

You will find that the last line of screws cannot be fitted on the Tongue and Groove end but you can glue the joint with Silicone (White) or you can do a service fix and cover the screws with white acrylic or cover strip (Depending on your finish)

gravatar Keith

Hi do you sell 1200mmx600mm boards ?would like to fit it in existing Suspended ceiling ? Will it work ?

gravatar Denise Gould

We do sell 1200×600 Ceiling Tiles in a Gypsum (econotile) or Calcium Silicate (econocal). If you are specifically looking for a PVC tile they are available but we do not stock this item.
We can assist in sourcing if need be. We will ask one of our sales staff to contact you directly.

gravatar Maureen

I have a new vaulted ceiling with R30 insultation and then just the PVC ceiling boards. Should sheet rock be put up before the PVC ceiling? I have so much condensation on my ceiling it is dripping!!! Please HELP 🙂 Thank you!

gravatar Denise Gould

How far are the boards from the roof? We have installed our 8mm boards directly on sheet metal without any issues. Ideally the insulation should be first and then the PVC Ceilings.
The R30 insulation (for Attics) is correct but optional, and you don’t need sheet rock (Plasterboard) to be installed before the PVC Ceiling.
If the PVC Vaulted Ceiling is in a bathroom or laundry, then an extractor fan may assist.
Ideally an on site inspection is needed to establish the cause of condensation.


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