Dynamic Cornice

Polystyrene decorative cornice add a luxury feel to any room.

Cornices are an excellent tool to help to hide small defects at corners and join materials of different thickness as well as adding architectural interest.

Polystyrene cornices are simple to install leaving a modern professional finish to a building or renovation project.

Made of high density moulded polystyrene, these mouldings are extremely durable and will not chip if dropped. Cuts and dents can be filled with utility adhesive reducing waste significantly.

Resistant to humidity
Polystyrene cornices are resistant to water and humidity making them an excellent choice for bathrooms and humid areas.

Heat resistant
While direct heat placed too close to mouldings can damage them, the larger profiles can be used to conceal low voltage fluorescent lighting with a clearance of approximately 5cm.

Cost effective
Polystyrene moulded cornices are cost effective, more durable and labour saving when compared to other product.

It is important to note that although it is heat resistant, direct heat too close to the polystyrene cornices and mouldings, can cause damage. Polystyrene cornices have become the preferred alternative to the plaster products which are heavy, can break easily if mishandled, labour intensive to install and of course are not waterproof so will damage if any moisture gets to the products.

The benefits of using polystyrene cornices:

  •          Easy to install with a cornice adhesive
  •          Versatile and can be used with most types of ceiling structures
  •          Lightweight and durable
  •          Resistant to heat and moisture

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