Specialist Boards

Pregybel Acoustic Board is ideal for meeting both noise reduction and quality design specifications in commercial buildings. With an acoustic absorption of 0.60 and a complete one-step installation, Pregybel® Acoustic Ceiling Board is a cost effective solution for achieving sound absorption specifications. Its superior appearance featuring square perforations is an additional benefit for schools, large open area ceilings in hotels, conference and concert halls and offices where the “look” is as important as acoustic performance.

A major benefit of this solution is the ease of installation, due to the protective glass mat, which is glued to the back of the board, preventing dust emission. The protective mat enables a complete one-step installation, which saves time and results in increased on site productivity and overall cost effectiveness.


• Excellent sound absorption controlling reflection

• High quality finish providing an aesthetic appearance

• Recessed edges cater for a smooth surface with no visible joints

• Protective mat fixed to the back of the gypsum board prevents dust emission

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