Flush Plastered Ceiling Boards

There are a number of plasterboard options available for Fixed or Flush Plaster Ceilings.

In entry level residential applications, a 7mm JUMBO plasterboard is often used. While in upmarket residences where ceilings are part of the design feature of the home, 9mm JUMBO plasterboards are extremely popular.

Pelican Systems has an industry first 8mm JUMBO multi-purpose ceiling board in 1.0 metre widths which is suitable for all flush plastered ceiling applications. The board is easier to handle, and offcuts are easily used on the next project which reduces waste.

In specialist applications where there could be high moisture exposure or greater impact resistance is required, a Fibre Cement Board may be required.

In the plasterboard range there are also specialist Fire and Moisture boards available for bathrooms, patios and high spec buildings.

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