Prefabricated 90-Degree Shadowline Corners

The Perfect Corner Solution – Prefabricated 90-Degree Shadowline Corners

The use of shadowline trims to create a floating ceiling effect has become especially popular in upmarket ceiling installations.

Architects and contractors enjoy using the shadowline trim profiles where the shadow created by the trims can create an aesthetic look and feel adding interest to the ceiling, whilst also disguising any building imperfections.

Whilst this works well for the straight walls, the corner detailing was always more challenging as the plastered corner could be out of square and the profile requires a very skilled cut to achieve a perfect mitre.

These complexities resulted in the corners being a weakness of the installation and the overall desired effect of the clean lines required for the designer ceiling.

In line with our philosophy of improving the contractor’s on-site experience with prefabricated products, Pelican Systems has developed a prefabricated 90-Degree Internal and External Corner for three of our trim profiles; namely PS2, PS3 and PS4.

The prefabricated “perfect” 90-degree corners are designed to improve the experience in both speed and ease of installation, as well as the aesthetic result of all the shadowline corners in a building.

For an easier installation, the 90-degree corners sizing has been kept to a minimum and depending on the profile and corner type these are the sizes: –

 The 90-degree corners are packaged with all the accessories for fixing and include six shims per corner that can be used for any packing and adjustments, allowing for any building imperfections in the corners.

As there are usually more Internal Corners than External Corners, we have packaged the corners in quantities of twelve for Internal and three for External.

The contents and quantities per Box are listed below and should be everything that is needed to complete the installation of the corner successfully.

Once the 90-degree corners are fitted into the corners the full lengths can be joined easily using the locating pins found on both the prefabricated 90-degree corners and the full-length profiles.

The full lengths are also pre-drilled starting at 50mm from each end and at 400mm intervals so fixing is easily determined and evenly spaced for a safer installation.

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