MR Price DC Takes Shape

Mr Price is among SA’s biggest clothing and homeware retailers and they have selected Hammersdale in Cato Ridge area for the new MR Price DC (National Distribution Centre) due to its location close enough to the port and en-route to the biggest markets in Gauteng.

The Mr Price DC warehouse and offices consist of 65,000 square metres.

The project team included:-

  • Architects – Paton Taylor
  • Quantity Surveyors – Edgecomb and Hayes-Hill
  • Ceiling and Partition Contractor – Concept Shopfitters
JUMBO Flush Plastered Ceilings In The Kitchen Area At The Mr Price DC

JUMBO Flush Plastered Ceilings at Mr Price National Distribution Centre


For the suspended ceilings we supplied our econogrid, AMF Fine Stratos Acoustic ceiling tiles, gypsum econotiles, and JUMBO Insulation

For the Flush Plastered ceilings 9mm JUMBO Plasterboard was used together with a PS1 Aluminium Shadowline Trim Profile and 100mm JUMBO Insulation.

For the Drywalls we supplied 89mm JUMBO Drywall and a 124mm JUMBO SoundWALL 63/120/S56.

JUMBO Flush Plastered Ceilings At The Mr Price National Distribution Centre In The Office Area

JUMBO Flush Plastered Ceilings at Mr Price National Distribution Centre


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