Easy Mover Pallets

Working in the ceiling and partition business with heavy and bulky products such as JUMBO Board, Fibre Cement Board, Aluminium, Steel, Plasters and Insulation and sometimes moving as much as two hundred tons a day the traditional system of using bangalalas to support and store Gypsum Board in particular was just too cumbersome and time consuming.

Having moved thousands of Bangalalas myself over more than 40 years in the industry I was inspired to find a better way.

The norm as an example for a 3 metre Gypsum board would be to have 5 bangalalas spaced out evenly to support the next stack of boards. Carrying two bangalalas at a time, it meant 3 trips by an assistant to obtain the bangalalas and time aligning and spacing them on the stack of boards.

Every time the stock moves so does the support system and the time is multiplied with each move.

With an “Easy-Mover” Pallet system, you are able to move double the weight and number, in a safer way and in much less time while giving the product more protection from being damaged.

Easy Mover Pallet System and Bangalalas Product Storage

Advantages of Pallets over Bangalalas

  • Time Saved in not handing bangalalas every time stock is moved
  • More product per stack which saves time in loading and offloading
  • Stock which is susceptible to damage is better supported and protected
  • Easier to pick up with the forks without damaging the bottom board
  • Easier to stack on top of each other and to stacks of five high
  • Easier to count and makes stock counts more accurate and efficient

These benefits then multiply into the masked benefits which include: –

  •  The ability to move more goods and hence increase turnover
  • Increased efficiency which results in improved customer service and ultimately customer satisfaction
  • Each forklift operator no longer needs an assistant to carry and place bangalalas which reduces overheads
  • Reduced overtime due to improved efficiencies
  • And ultimately an overall sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for an efficient operation

I am totally convinced that the benefits of the Easy Mover Pallet system far outweigh the negatives which are cost, credits for returns and administration.

While the Steel pallets cost more, they have a ten-year life span over which to amortise the cost. Although it is difficult to understand and calculate the benefits such as improved efficiency, reduced damage, time saved and customer satisfaction, these are significant and become more apparent over time.

The “Easy-Mover” system is working extremely well for other products including aluminium, steel, cove cornice and insulation and we highly recommend it to those in our industry who stock and distribute similar products

Easy Mover Pallet System

JUMBO Insulation for Ceilings on an Easy Mover Pallet

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