67 Minutes – Mandela Day 2018, Holah House Visit

What an incredible and heart-breaking experience to be with these young children celebrating Mandela Day 2018 and what would have been Madiba’s 100th Birthday.

The Holah House has been in existence for 6 years, they care for ten children in total, ranging from the ages of 1 to 6 years old. These children have either been abandoned, or were in a crisis situation and have had to be removed from their homes or, they are awaiting adoption. It’s really amazing and inspiring to see what the founders and staff of Holah House are doing for these children. It is not an easy task especially as we noticed that some of the children have a few disabilities and need other kinds of special care.

Pelican Team visiting Holah House

The Pelican Team with the Founder of Holah House

The Pelican staff got on so well with the kids. Robert clearly demonstrated his fatherly skills as he interacted with the children. Patrick used his maintenance skills to repair the trampoline. One little toddler was so fascinated by what Patrick was doing he even tried to help.

Patrick Fixing the Trampoline

The children were a little overwhelmed as there were so many unfamiliar faces visiting them., and they did not fully understand what was going on but it was remarkable to see that so many people care and made an effort in the memory of and as a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

The Holah House staff were happy and appreciative of the items that we had brought along with us from their wish list of items they needed.

Shaun, Rajiv, Trevor, Janine, Patrick, Robert, Aurell and Melissa visited Holah House on behalf of Pelican Systems. We’ve shared below some of the comments made on reflection of their visit and experience at Holah House..

Holah Baby House Collage

Patrick commented “It was good to see that the abandoned children are being taken care off. I really feel that we need to do more for these children. They need a lot of love. It’s sad that their parents do not care about them.”

Robert’s comments “I find it difficult to understand how people can give away their children, especially when they have disabilities. But luckily for them they are able to get love. It was very emotional for me.  I have my own children and I love children.”

“Reflection on reality coupled with the intensity of the harsh and cruel reality of the world we live in. Caught up in our busy day to day lives we lose focus on the fundamentals and importance of the simple things in life.” Rajiv commented.

“Thank you late Papa Madiba for introducing the concept of 67 minutes. It allowed me the opportunity to become part of the exposure of hardships of day to day lives.”These exposures teach us the value of life and through hope and dedication of good people, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.  Thanks Papa Madiba for teaching me the value of life and instilling the sense that with us comes change and the reason for a brighter prosperous future. Awesome time yesterday at Holah House with the Pelican Team”

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