Areas subject to wear and tear need special consideration to reduce damage and maintenance costs. Impact Resistant Plasterboard makes it ideal for all areas of high pedestrian traffic in all building types and it should be used wherever there is a risk of impact damage. These risk areas include corridors, foyers and stair shafts in commercial buildings, shopping centers, cinemas, offices, sports stadiums, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

The Impact Resistant Plasterboard is a purpose designed fiberglass bonded and mesh reinforced plasterboard which is resistant to indentations and impact punctures. Impact damage resistance is not directly related to acoustic performance, and acoustic requirements should be addressed as an additional issue where appropriate. Impact Resistant Plasterboard can also be used in fire rated wall systems as well as acoustic wall systems given the product’s high density.

An impact resistant drywall system can be designed and constructed from any Jumbo Drywall system by substituting Impact Resistant Plasterboard in lieu of Standard Jumbo Plasterboard. Fire and acoustic ratings can still be maintained using a impact resistant plasterboard.


• Can be used in fire rated systems.
• Can be used together with standard 12mm Jumbo plasterboard.
• Can be used effectively in acoustic wall systems.
• Easy to install.
• Saves time and money compared to other impact resistant wall systems.
• Uses standard plasterboard fasteners and fixing methods.
• Easy to joint and finish using standard compounds and methods.
• Damage that may occur is more easily repaired.