JUMBO FireWALL 102/120/3m

JUMBO Fire Resistant Drywall Partition System for 120 Minute Fire Resistance up to Three Metres High

This is a non-loadbearing high performance 120 Minute Fire Resistant Drywall using one 12mm and one 15mm Fire Resistant JUMBO Board on either side of the 102mm Stud and 103mm Track, giving the overall wall thickness of 156mm and applicable for a FireWALL up to three metres in height. The framework / Stud spacings are at 400mm centres.

Test Results:-

The JUMBO FireWALL system met the criteria for a 120 minute non-load bearing wall system when tested in accordance with SANS 10177-2 test protocol.

The performance of the system satisfied all the criteria for Stability, Integrity and Insulation for 120 minutes.

Classification is as follows:-

SANS 10177-2 – FR60 (Non-load bearing)

Stability (R) – 120 minutes

Integrity (E) – 120 minutes

Insulation (I) – 120 minutes