Flatfoot Dance Company

FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY has existed as a professional dance company since January 2003 in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Our mission is three fold:

  • To offer a professional dance theatre company (FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY) that creates contemporary dance work that engages with the context (both indigenous and modern) in which we live.
  • To offer young adult training programmes
  • To offer quality dance education and dance development programmes in KZN including KwaMashu, Umlazi, Newlands, Waterloo, Umbilo and Glenwood working with around 1000 children and youth per year.

These youth development programmes are offered to learners who do not access arts learning in any formal capacity in their schooling environments. FLATFOOT work with the philosophy that by accessing art, and through the discipline of dance, young South Africans are learning to work within a concept of community. If we understand our connection to community, we are more able to understand our own personal responsibilities to becoming the best we can.

These dance programmes teach youth to respect themselves and their bodies and in so doing, to respect each other. These are projects which directly aim at creating greater social cohesion and respect for our democracy.

FLATFOOT’s dance programmes are run after school and on weekends, and offer the learners a warm and nurturing space to commit to. These programmes are also part of the long term ideal of keeping youth off the street and involved in activities which support and grow them.

Contact person:

Lliane Loots
Artistic Director
Tel: 031 -260 1142 (w)

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