Makita Laser Distance Measure

The Makita Laser Distance Measure can perform the following measurement functions:-

  • Single distances
  • Minimum measurement
  • Maximum measurement
  • Addition of measurement
  • Subtraction of measurements
  • Area calculation
  • Volume calculation
  • Pythagoras (2-point)
  • Pythagoras (3-point)
  • Tracking function
  • Memory (5 last displays)

Detailed tolerances, range and other details:-

  • Typical Measuring Tolerance ± 2.0 mm / 10m
    Max Measuring Tolerance ± 3.0 mm / 10m
    Range of target plate 50 m
    Typical Range* 40 m
    Smallest unit displayed 1 mm
    Laser point 6mm at 10m
    Laser class 2
    Laser type 635 nm, < 1 mW
    Protection class IP54
    Auto laser switch off after 90 s
    Auto power switch-off after 180 s
    Battery durability (2 x AAA)u p to 3000 measurements
    Dimensions H:116 xD:45 xW:29mm
    Net weight (with batteries) 100g

Temperature range:

  • Storage -25 to 70 °C
  • Operation 0 to 40 °C

Stocking Information

2 in stockR2,098.88 Each

Type: Makita LD050P

Stocking UOM: EA

Mass per Stocking UOM (kg): 0.30

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