JUMBO Skimming Plaster

Stocking Information

425 in stockR225.00 Each

Thickness: 25kg

Stocking UOM: EA

Mass per Stocking UOM (kg): 25Kg

Technical Information

Material Description: Gypsum Plaster


We have used this JUMBO Skimming Plaster now for well over a year and I have been incredibly impressed and pleased with the results.  It is very easy to work with and we can achieve finishes that were never obtainable with some of the more commonly used products such as Rhinolite etc.  It’s consistent and stays workable for more than enough time and my guys love using it.
I can honestly say that I could never see a time that we wouldn’t use it given the choice and I would be more than happy to recommend it to all of my fellow contractors and developers.

Neil Stratton
Stratton Construction and Development

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