JUMBO Plaster Primer

JUMBO Plaster Primer is a water based plaster primer which penetrates the surface and ensures optimum adhesion of top coats to the surface, while providing protection against alkali and efflorescence.

It is meant for application to both uncoated new work and weathered or previously painted areas and is ideal for Plasterboard preparation for painting.

Benefits include:-

• Lead free
• Alkali and water resistant
• Provides resistance to efflorescence
• Excellent adhesion properties
• Excellent penetration and binding properties
• Lower odour
• Suitable for a variety of surfaces
• Interior and exterior use
• Overcoatable with a wide range of water and solvent based top coats
• Rapid drying

Spreading Rate:- This product will cover approximately 4 – 8 m² litre per coat depending on the type of substrate, surface porosity and application method.

Application:- Apply this product with a paint brush or Mohair roller to both smooth and rough surfaces allow at least 6 hours to dry for water based top coats and overnight to dry for solvent based top coats. This product is ready for use, thinning is not required.

Cleaning:- Clean all tools (brushes & rollers) after use with water and while still wet.

Stocking Information

Sold outR866.74

Colour / Edge Detail: White

Stocking UOM: 20 L

Mass per Stocking UOM (kg): 35

Qty Per Carton: 24

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