Aluminium Alloy Hacksaw Frame

Tork Craft’s Aluminium Alloy Hacksaw Frame and Blade set has a unique lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame shape with an ergonomic handle design.

There are 3 spare carbon steel blades stored in the frame which can store up to 6 blades.
Tork Craft blades are carbon steel, and recognised by their yellow colour.

The new hacksaw has 2 choices of angles a 90 and 180 degree cut and the normal straight cut, for the fine accurate cutting of steel, steel pipe, PVC, ABS, wood, Drywall, Styrofoam, and most other materials.

Stocking Information

19 in stockR84.08 Each

Length: 300mm

Colour / Edge Detail: Red and Black with Yellow Blades

Type: TCHS002

Stocking UOM: EA

Mass per Stocking UOM (kg): 0.40

Technical Information

Material Description: Aluminium Alloy

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