Birdhaven Coastal Estate, House Gillard

View a variety of interesting ceiling designs in this spectacular residential home in the Birdhaven Coastal Estate on the KZN Dolphin Coast.

The flush plaster ceilings and bulkheads where you can see shadowlines and floating ceiling effects used a combination of JUMBO Grid and JUMBO Steel Brandering with a PS3 Shadowline Profile which has a 45mm distance from the wall and a 20mm drop from the ceiling to create the shadow effect.

9mm JUMBO Plasterboard was used throughout except for the bathroom areas where a JUMBO Moisture Resistant Board was used.

The lighting effects around the ceilings and bulkheads are expertly used and create a dramatic effect in this Beachside Boutique Home.

Architect: LevEco Architects
C&P Contractor: Robsons Projects

Pelican Systems products and brands installed in this project:-

JUMBO Grid, JUMBO Steel Brandering, JUMBO Plasterboard, Specialist JUMBO Boards, Ceiling Trims